^Graveltopia from James . Strava map.

This is some video from our gravel ride out to Utopia. It’s called Graveltopia when they race it. We did the 60 miler, which is the whole route. It’s about 60% gravel and the paved part is mostly county roads. It does hit some highway but they have some nice rollers so it adds to the fun.

I loved the route. Traffic was very light overall and on the gravel portion we saw more boars or wild hogs than we did cars. And we only saw 4 hogs. We actually rode during a storm but we were lucky and the storm was either ahead of us or behind us. We did get some rain but it was toward the end of the ride. I should mention that there are several low water crossings on the route so if it rains they could flood and trap you between a couple. There’s also no phone service so plan ahead.

I have more video to go through so stay tuned.