Fast and Curious Part I


^Fast and Curious Part I from James on Vimeo.

Bullis County Park is one of the places we like to start our rides. It’s a nice park and has restrooms, plenty of parking and avoids most of the heavy traffic. Being at the edge of the hill country lets you choose the amount of climbing you want to do. If you don’t need any, there are plenty of flat areas with shallow rollers for you to enjoy. This video is of one of my favorite flat segments. It’s called Tempo Time. You can go to the map and see the route. Scroll down to the segments and you  can see the leader board for that segment. There are several options for looking at it, choose your friends, your club or even overall.

Strava map.

On this particular day we had a fast group. Not everyone “opened it up” on this segment since it was early in the ride and we still had the majority of the climbing to do. Still, about half the group seemed in the mood for some tempo.

Or maybe they weren’t. Maybe I was just – oblivious.



The 14 mph Ride


The 14 mph Ride from James on Vimeo.

This is a video of an old ride I called The 14 mph Ride. It was a great ride with some good friends and we had a blast. We even had someone who just latched on for the fun. My Garmin said we had a 14 mph average pace. Now, if you judge a ride’s fun factor by the speed this may seem like a boring ride. But is the fun factor directly proportional to your speed? The faster you go the more fun it is?

Click on Strava to see the map.

Remember the first time you rode a bike? You may not have gone over 10 mph but you felt like you were flying! It was effortless compared to walking. It was freedom! Admit it, you were hooked after that. Now, you’re training, eating right, getting the right gear – and maybe even shooting for Strava Segments. Either way you’re probably either looking for a top speed or a high average. Or maybe not either one. Maybe the speed you find fun is the speed at which you can talk to friends while you do something good for your heart. To each, his own, right?

Everyone has a different idea of what speed is fun. Whether it’s a pace of  15 mph or 20, or even 30, it doesn’t matter. Your top speed can be 25 or 50, again it doesn’t matter. It’s all about feeling like you did when you first got a bike. That feeling that you were flying!

So what fires you up? Speed? Distance? Climbing? I don’t know if speed is the most important for you or not but we all know speed is fun.  If you have the right speed, the right distance and the right amount of climbing you’re going to have fun. In the right ratio they can even make for the perfect ride. Add in great weather and good friends and you get another day in paradise.