Gliding Like a Falcon


^Buzzing Bulverde from James .

It was a beautiful day on our 40 mile Spring Branch ride. We were at the 30 mile mark and regrouping on the fly. When everyone was together the pace would come up until we fell apart again. To me, that’s alway the most fun part. This ride had plenty of those. We would regroup on the fly, the tempo would come up and then BOOM, party time! And the good thing was, everyone wanted to play. The video below is on the Strava segment called Tail Wind and it was typical of the ride.

Strava map.

When my heart rate is red lined, I expect that anyone that catches me, at the very least, breaks a sweat. So when I watch a video from the back facing camera and see my friend Jack, aka The Falcon,  coast up to my wheel, in a Falcon hella catch, I just shake my head and hope that he can’t do that going up hill. Because if he can, I’m going to see if I can trade my bike for some golf clubs…

How to Pass on a Bicycle


^The Devious Pass from James on Vimeo.

This was a ride I led for the store. It was 43 miles and had 2200 feet of hills. As ride leader I sometimes have to wait and make sure everyone makes the turn and then get up to the front to do the same thing. And sometimes it hurts.

Strava map.

Maybe I just want to feel fast by passing someone. It’s much easier if they don’t know I’m coming. After I pass they come after me like hornets and that part is fun too. I have some good video of some of the catches my friends make, but those are for another time. Now it’s just time for a devious pass.

Mystery Man


^Mystery Man from James on Vimeo.

When I ride, I go with different groups here in town. Sometimes just with friends and some just by myself. They’re all fun in their own way. However, most of the video I take is in the group rides. Obviously, having a cyclist in the video makes it much more interesting. When I do video on solo rides it’s usually because I want to show someone a certain section or maybe a Strava segment that I like. Maybe even a nice climbing section. That way, people can see what the route is like and what kind of workout to expect.

Strava map.

The whole purpose of the video however, is so that I can watch them later, in my old age (about a month from now) and see my friends. It’s funny, but when I go back and watch them I see so many things I was not aware of. I see people that jumped in, like in this video, and join us for part of the ride. He just jumped in, hammered along with us, and then went on to complete his own workout.

One of the segments in the video is called Tailwind. We’re at about mile 22 of 45 with 2200 feet of climbing, most of it on easy rollers. The segment itself is basically flat and about three miles long depending on which one you like. Look closely and you’ll see that this section has three in the same area that just happen to start and end at different points. Since anyone can set up segments this can and does happen. Just pick the one you like. Anyway, I don’t set out to look for PRs but it sure feels good to look back and see why it was so much fun. In this case, I set PRs on two of them. I guess I should pick one of those to remember.

Anyway, I don’t know everyone in the video and I do not know who the mystery man was but if you recognize him or one of the others let them know they were caught on video with the hammer down!


The 14 mph Ride


The 14 mph Ride from James on Vimeo.

This is a video of an old ride I called The 14 mph Ride. It was a great ride with some good friends and we had a blast. We even had someone who just latched on for the fun. My Garmin said we had a 14 mph average pace. Now, if you judge a ride’s fun factor by the speed this may seem like a boring ride. But is the fun factor directly proportional to your speed? The faster you go the more fun it is?

Click on Strava to see the map.

Remember the first time you rode a bike? You may not have gone over 10 mph but you felt like you were flying! It was effortless compared to walking. It was freedom! Admit it, you were hooked after that. Now, you’re training, eating right, getting the right gear – and maybe even shooting for Strava Segments. Either way you’re probably either looking for a top speed or a high average. Or maybe not either one. Maybe the speed you find fun is the speed at which you can talk to friends while you do something good for your heart. To each, his own, right?

Everyone has a different idea of what speed is fun. Whether it’s a pace of  15 mph or 20, or even 30, it doesn’t matter. Your top speed can be 25 or 50, again it doesn’t matter. It’s all about feeling like you did when you first got a bike. That feeling that you were flying!

So what fires you up? Speed? Distance? Climbing? I don’t know if speed is the most important for you or not but we all know speed is fun.  If you have the right speed, the right distance and the right amount of climbing you’re going to have fun. In the right ratio they can even make for the perfect ride. Add in great weather and good friends and you get another day in paradise.