Road Hazards

^Road Hazzards from James on Vimeo. Strava map. 

This is part two of the Sutherland Springs Charity Ride. It shows more of the roads on the 33 miler along with some of the “hazards”. The roads are great out there so by hazards, I mean some of the challenges you’ll see.

I’ll be getting some video of the 68 miler soon so stay tuned. Also, we will put together a 45 miler for those of us that want something in the middle.

One last thing, as I said before, this actually started in Stockdale but the park we used may not be open early enough. It doesn’t effect race day but for those wanting to ride it on their own, be aware. We are looking for other start points.

Sutherland Springs Charity Ride

^Sutherland Springs Charity Ride from James . Strava map.

Sunday November 26 was the Sutherland Springs Charity Ride. I put together this video to show the area where we rode. The roads were great and it was for a great cause. There were three routes, a 15, 35 and a 68 miler. It’s an area we definitely want to go back to so I’ve been studying  the maps. We will add 5 miles to the 15 and make it 20. We will keep the 35 and the 68 as they are. The 68 can be cut to 48 and capture the portion not ridden in the 35. All we need is a good starting point. The place where the Charity ride started was good but it is not open early enough for us to use. The park has another entrance and there are some other possibilities near by. Stay tuned.

As far as the Charity ride was concerned, it was great! The crowd was a good size and the routes were well marked. Even then, I wasn’t paying attention and missed a turn. No big deal, I had my handy, dandy high tech map that I drew free-hand with me so I got back on course. I hate that it cost me 6 minutes when I was trying to catch Steve and Sean and it ruined my average speed since I stopped to read the map, but who’s counting?

I did have fun, though. I made a new friend named Steve. Seems he and I battled back and forth for miles during the ride. I would pass him on the climbs and he would pass me going down hill. We were both bound and determined not to give an inch. I caught him on video several times and I have another hour of video to go through so I’m sure I caught him again if my battery was still good. We will see if he turns up in part two. Stay tuned!

More videos from that area:

Sutherland Springs Gravel

Pay Back


Pay Back

^Pay Back from James . Click here for Strava map.

So there we were riding some very nice gravel. It wasn’t a race, despite what I say in the video. It was just a nice day out on some country roads. It rained while we were out there so the roads were wet, but they were not muddy. The rain did not catch us until the end, which was good, because the rain was cold.

I will post more video on this ride soon to show more of the roads. Here’s two more videos of gravel rides that we did.

Another Sutherland Springs ride here.

Graveltopia video here.

Sutherland Springs Gravel


^Sutherland Gravel from James on Vimeo.

This is just a quick post to show what some of the Sutherland Springs Gravel roads look like. This route is 25 miles long and we will soon have some longer routes. So far about half of the bikes are cross bikes and the rest are mountain bikes. This is a good way to get some use out of that old 26er you have!

Click here to see the Strava map of the ride. 

Start: S&S Stop 6370 Hwy 87, Sutherland Springs, Tx. This is not cyclocross, it’s a gravel ride. It is 90% gravel. No refueling on the route. Small store at the beginning for supplies. Additional parking at the post office across the street on Sundays. This is just a short route to begin with so we can learn the area and to see if you like this type of riding.  You can resupply and do it backwards for a 50. There is plenty in the area to increase the distance. Stay tuned!