Palmetto Gravel Ride

^Palmetto Gravel Ride from James . See Strava map here.

I wanted to post this video of our recent gravel ride from Palmetto State Park so everyone could see what the roads are like out there. We rode about 40 miles and it was about 90% gravel. The roads were great, traffic was very low and it appears we can add more milage very easily. We need to do some more exploring out there for sure.

We went out there for a casual ride but I think the Tempo Monsters would love those long endless straights. Our ride only had about 1,000 ft of climbing and none of it was steep. Oh well, other than that, it was great.

The starting point was in the park itself so you need $3 for a day pass. I didn’t look around much but I did see some paddle boats and the restrooms were clean. It’s a good place to start and finish. I’ve got more video to go through so stay tuned!