Riding with Ninjas


^Riding with Ninjas from James on Vimeo.

The other day, after finishing up a Random Ride, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. He’s with a group call Texas Trail Ninjas. I needed to round out the numbers on my Garmin so I decided to join them for a few miles.

Strava map.

One good thing about San Antonio is that it has a great cycling community. And just like there’s different types of riding to do, there are also groups with different styles of riding. So what the hell? I just jumped in and tried them out.

Funny thing is I wasn’t the one jumping. In fact, I had both wheels firmly on the ground the entire time. The Ninjas, on the other hand, were jumping everything – roots, rocks, gaps, bumps….leaves. Anything and everything. They reminded me of Salmon swimming up river and jumping out of the water all the time.

Unfortunately I didn’t get much of it on video. I still have about 2 hours of video to go through so maybe I caught some. And the battery died during the ride, so maybe I didn’t. Either way, I did catch the start of our ride so I posted that. You can see the video with the link above and see the ride stats on  strava. I also noticed that whenever we started going down hill, even the slightest amount, they woke up. I didn’t even go with them to the drops but on the way there I could tell what terrain they liked.

Whether I got any jumping video or not it was still a great day of riding. I didn’t get to see them do the drops but from the little I saw I know I need a full battery the next time I ride with them. As far as the day goes, I saw an old friend, made some new friends and got to see a new style of riding. As usual, it was another day in paradise.