The Slow Roll Bike Ride

^Dead Horses, Dead Legs from James on Vimeo.

Some of my friends wanted to know¬†¬†about a route I call Dead Horses. Why that name, they asked. Well, it’s because it starts in an area where many of the roads have the word “horse” in them. There’s Iron Horse, Spirit Horse, Walking Horse, horse this, horse that, horse crap. Well, maybe not the last one. And, by the time I’m done, I’m er…..done. Dead.

Click here to see the Strava map.

I have been working on it for a while and I think I now know enough of the area to be able to make it 60 miles and 6,000 feet. Yes, it will have some repeats and I’ll have to do some of the areas twice but there are no mountains here. So there’s that…..

I’ll have more video of the area soon. With people next time! There’s plenty of double digits and some fun rollers too. It may be a while, though. I need to get over my knee pain, and hip pain….wrist pain…pain this, pain that. Pain. Crap! Oh how I love the ……rusty years.

Another nice climb video, Don’t Look Up.


Skateboard Madness



Skateboard Madness from James on Vimeo.

I was out doing a solo ride one day and happened to have my camera with me. It’s mounted on the seat post and aimed back. It was a climbing workout so when you go up you have to come down. I was half way down one of the longer climbs when I noticed something in my rear view mirror. (Yes, I have a rear view mirror damn it. You can make fun of me later.) Anyway, I saw something in front of the car behind me and when i looked further I noticed it was someone on a skateboard!

Strava map.

If you think going 35 mph is fast on a bike, imagine what it feels like on the skateboard. And we have brakes. Watch how he stops at the end. I asked him how fast he’s gone on that thing. Mid 30s in San Antonio and in the 40s in Austin. Pure madness as far as I’m concerned. I does seem fun though, doesn’t it?