Blanco Chase

^The Blanco Chase from James . Strava Map.

This is another video of one of the Cyclones north side rides. It was 32 miles with about 938 ft of climbing. Most of the climbing is at the very beginning and at the end. Nothing double digit, just rollers. There are however several double digit “stingers” that can be added with The Three Cats, Silent Horror and the Johnny Loop to name a few. For example if you added all three of those it only adds 13 miles and gets you 1700 ft of climbing. Nice!

Part one, The 14 MPH Ride, is here.

Part two, “On Your Left”,  is here.

This video is of the end of the Fourteen MPH Ride. It’s southbound toward 1604. If you start at the doughnut shop on Wilderness Oaks then you can enjoy 2 very nice segments on your way home. You can do both whether you start at Specht Road or Ammenn Road.  The hills on This Is It are the last climbs you hit and when you do the last one it’s down hill on Final Countdown.

One thing I really like is that Blanco Road has no streets coming from the right on these two sections. It also has a nice shoulder and good visibility. So the next time you’re there, have a go at it. Maybe you’ll get yourself a new PR.

“On Your Left”

^On Your Left from James . Strava map.

I managed to save this from my crashed hard drive. It was a fun ride with the Cyclones. Pat is behind me for this video on a Strava segment called Tempo Time. We’re headed to the rollers on Blanco Road and passing through a group that is being stretched out by their front guys. I have seen these people before on rides but I don’t know their names. Do you?

It’s a fun 32 miler with less than 1000 ft of climbing. You can see more of this ride below.

Part One- The 14 MPH Ride

Part Three- Blanco Chase

One last thing. Sometimes you can use Strava Flybys to find out who you saw out on the road. How cool is that?

Sometimes You’re Just Toast

^Sam Pain from James . Strava map.

Just a short clip from my 56 miler with the Cyclones. The video is at about mile 40 and we’re on the Pain Train Strava segment. I can see why they call it that. I was toast. I just needed to slow down a couple of mph to recover but Sammy was on fire. It looks like he’s on the road back from his injuries. Great to have you back Sammy. (Even though the pace probably caused ME some permanent injuries….)

It’s funny how sometimes just slowing down 2 mph can make such a huge difference in your recovery and at the time, that’s what I needed.

I like this route. I don’t know why. It’s flat, really, with just some shallow rollers. But sometimes I just need the tempo work. It’s not my preferred riding style. I would much rather chug along at 5 mph up a hill than to put myself through tempo torture. But a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. So I did it. Now, if we could just slow down about 2 mph……


Hot Rod Syndrome

^Hot Rod Syndrome from James . Part one here.

Do you have trouble riding at a steady tempo? I do. Maybe I suffer from HRS.  I think I got it from the motorcycles I’ve had. What is it? It’s the inability to resist the temptation to speed up every time you see that perfect section of road.

See Strava map here. See related video The Pain Train.

Maybe that’s why people like segments on Strava. They all seem to be the perfect time to “open it up”. And they just can’t resist! You know you should pace yourself,  but how can you not “enjoy” the little segment in front of you?  How can you not want to play? Of course, your tempo suffers as a result. It goes up and down and keeps taking you close to the edge and that, of course, is not the way to complete a long ride. Maybe that’s why I don’t like long rides.

That’s why  I like to get up front and work. If done right, you set an even steady tempo. It’s not about how fast you go, it’s about being steady and keeping everyone together. What could possibly be better to treat HRS than a solid, steady tempo? I just can’t seem to do it very well. Every curve in the road looks like the perfect place to “ramp it up”. So does every straight and every down hill. And let’s not talk about the climbs. They’re all perfect.

I’m working on it and getting better. I know that being the camera guy doesn’t help. It keeps me going forward and backward to get everyone in the video and then I move on to the next group.That takes my tempo all over the place. Maybe I should see it,  not as a syndrome, but as a quality. Something needed by the camera guy in order to get everyone in the video. I don’t know whether it’s good or bad to have this syndrome but I do know this: everywhere I look,  I see a great segment and I think, “Maybe we should speed it up just a little bit, so we can enjoy it a little more”. I may have to go slow for the rest of the ride in order to pay for it, but what the hell, it’s worth it.

The Pain Train


^ The Pain Train from James . Part two here.

Winter training in San Antonio Texas can be harsh. The terrible weather- dry, partly cloudy and in the 70s – oh my, how terrible! All joking aside, it was a perfect day for a bike ride. However, what started out as a Valentine’s Day ride the weekend before the 14th,  should have been called Valentine’s Day Massacre instead. It started out easy but you know how it is. Before you know it….

Strava map. Related video Hot Rod Syndrome.

The route is the Three Counties ride from the Cyclones on the south side of San Antonio. It’s mostly flat with easy rollers to play on. Traffic was light and the roads are in great shape for the most part. Since it’s mostly flat, it’s perfect for tempo work, which is what we did after we got out of the park.

That weekend, the park was sponsoring a run so many of the roads were blocked off. We had to move our start and the first five miles were slow going. It was actually good since it led to a good warm up and some nice socializing. After that, however, it kept ramping up to the end. Fun stuff.

One other thing about the video is that I got to play with picture-in-picture in the editor for the first time. A message popped up asking if I wanted to use it, I said yes, and there you have it! Learned something new for the day.

This is the first video from the ride. I’m working on two others from this footage. When you get to see them, you’ll see why we were zombies at the end. Maybe I should have called it The Walking Dead….