Safety First

^Safety First from James . Strava map.

I was looking through the video of a ride we did on River Road a while back. There is a section of road that drops down to the river and then follows the river for several miles. The drop down is fun but when it reaches the bottom you’re going fairly fast, maybe even 40. The turn is at the bridge and the concrete is ¬†slick. If it’s wet it’s even worse. If you went over the edge it’s enough of a drop to get hurt, maybe even seriously. The bridge has a guard rail but I never noticed where the railing was. I posted the video because I thought it was funny that there is no railing where you need it most. Go figure.

Anyway, River Road is a nice ride. You really can’t do it in the summer due to all the traffic but in winter, on a nice warm day, it’s great. If you just want to do River Road you can start in Gruene, where we did and go up to Satler on FM 2673 which is the 15 mile mark. There is a gas station there where you can rest and regroup and then head back. It’s mostly flat until you’re almost back and hit the drop in… going up. That’s about a 1 mile climb of about 100 ft. Just enough to be fun.

This video is the first of several from this ride. You’ll see River Road in the first two and then the two climbs we did. They’re steep, short and nice. The good thing is that it’s easy to skip them if you’re not in the mood. But when does that ever happen? If you really want to make it fun there are 5 more short double digit hills in the area that only add about 10 miles to the ride. I’ll show you those soon. Stay tuned!

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