Wackos on Hueco

^Wackos on Hueco from James . Strava map here. Part one here.

This is the final video from our ride out to Bear Creek with the club 700c. It was a blast! It was a short ride of 36 miles and this video begins at mile 30. The ride had 2 nice climbs that can easily be skipped or you can add them for the fun. Since the ride is not that long you can “play” all you want. This section was fun. It has shallow rollers and you’re close to home so you can play all you want. Leave it all out on the ride!

Part 1 here. Go here to see all the other parts to this ride.

Part 5 is the above video.

The Skyline Sham

^The Skyline Sham from James . Strava map here. Part 1 here.

More video from our ride on River Road. This is the first steep climb we did on this ride that hits double digits. The sign at the beginning says 22% which refers to the steepest part. Unfortunately it doesn’t last very long but it’s still nice. After the climb we hit rollers on FM 2673 and then down hill on RM 2722 to Bear Creek which is the second double digit climb.

Part 1 here. Go here for a list of all 5 parts.


River Road

^Slow and Easy from James . Strava map. Part 1 here.

A friend asked me about River Road. This video shows what it’s like  on the road during the winter. It was a warm day in February when we did this ride. As I’ve said before, you really can’t ride it in the summer unless you like traffic.

You can see Part 1 here. It shows the drop in to the part of the road that runs parallel to the river. It’s a very nice road with short shallow rollers. If you do only  River Road to the gas station it’s 30 miles round trip with 1,200 feet of climbing. More or less Tempo Monster territory.  The only real climbing is the drop in portion when you come back.

On this particular ride we did 2 steep climbs and the next 2 videos with show you those. Stay tuned.

Part 1 here. Go there for a list of all 5 parts.

Safety First

^Safety First from James . Strava map.

I was looking through the video of a ride we did on River Road a while back. There is a section of road that drops down to the river and then follows the river for several miles. The drop down is fun but when it reaches the bottom you’re going fairly fast, maybe even 40. The turn is at the bridge and the concrete is  slick. If it’s wet it’s even worse. If you went over the edge it’s enough of a drop to get hurt, maybe even seriously. The bridge has a guard rail but I never noticed where the railing was. I posted the video because I thought it was funny that there is no railing where you need it most. Go figure.

Anyway, River Road is a nice ride. You really can’t do it in the summer due to all the traffic but in winter, on a nice warm day, it’s great. If you just want to do River Road you can start in Gruene, where we did and go up to Satler on FM 2673 which is the 15 mile mark. There is a gas station there where you can rest and regroup and then head back. It’s mostly flat until you’re almost back and hit the drop in… going up. That’s about a 1 mile climb of about 100 ft. Just enough to be fun.

This video is the first of several from this ride. You’ll see River Road in the first two and then the two climbs we did. They’re steep, short and nice. The good thing is that it’s easy to skip them if you’re not in the mood. But when does that ever happen? If you really want to make it fun there are 5 more short double digit hills in the area that only add about 10 miles to the ride. I’ll show you those soon. Stay tuned!

Part 2 here.

Part 3 here.

Part 4 here.

Part 5 here.

Battle at Bear Creek

^Battle at Bear Creek from James .

Great ride with the 700c Club. Nice day and a really good area to ride. It was mostly rollers but we did go to Bear Creek and Skyline so it was nice. This video will show you the climb at Bear Creek.

Strava Map here.

I am currently going through all the video from this ride so stay tuned for Skyline too. I also have video of the River Road segment which you can do for an out and back. There is a gas station at Sattler which is 15 miles so you can do just the river ride if you want. The start is in Gruene.

Part 1 here. Go here to see a list of all 5 parts.

Blanco Chase

^The Blanco Chase from James . Strava Map.

This is another video of one of the Cyclones north side rides. It was 32 miles with about 938 ft of climbing. Most of the climbing is at the very beginning and at the end. Nothing double digit, just rollers. There are however several double digit “stingers” that can be added with The Three Cats, Silent Horror and the Johnny Loop to name a few. For example if you added all three of those it only adds 13 miles and gets you 1700 ft of climbing. Nice!

Part one, The 14 MPH Ride, is here.

Part two, “On Your Left”,  is here.

This video is of the end of the Fourteen MPH Ride. It’s southbound toward 1604. If you start at the doughnut shop on Wilderness Oaks then you can enjoy 2 very nice segments on your way home. You can do both whether you start at Specht Road or Ammenn Road.  The hills on This Is It are the last climbs you hit and when you do the last one it’s down hill on Final Countdown.

One thing I really like is that Blanco Road has no streets coming from the right on these two sections. It also has a nice shoulder and good visibility. So the next time you’re there, have a go at it. Maybe you’ll get yourself a new PR.

“On Your Left”

^On Your Left from James . Strava map.

I managed to save this from my crashed hard drive. It was a fun ride with the Cyclones. Pat is behind me for this video on a Strava segment called Tempo Time. We’re headed to the rollers on Blanco Road and passing through a group that is being stretched out by their front guys. I have seen these people before on rides but I don’t know their names. Do you?

It’s a fun 32 miler with less than 1000 ft of climbing. You can see more of this ride below.

Part One- The 14 MPH Ride

Part Three- Blanco Chase

One last thing. Sometimes you can use Strava Flybys to find out who you saw out on the road. How cool is that?

Sometimes You’re Just Toast

^Sam Pain from James . Strava map.

Just a short clip from my 56 miler with the Cyclones. The video is at about mile 40 and we’re on the Pain Train Strava segment. I can see why they call it that. I was toast. I just needed to slow down a couple of mph to recover but Sammy was on fire. It looks like he’s on the road back from his injuries. Great to have you back Sammy. (Even though the pace probably caused ME some permanent injuries….)

It’s funny how sometimes just slowing down 2 mph can make such a huge difference in your recovery and at the time, that’s what I needed.

I like this route. I don’t know why. It’s flat, really, with just some shallow rollers. But sometimes I just need the tempo work. It’s not my preferred riding style. I would much rather chug along at 5 mph up a hill than to put myself through tempo torture. But a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. So I did it. Now, if we could just slow down about 2 mph……


Road Hazards

^Road Hazzards from James on Vimeo. Strava map. 

This is part two of the Sutherland Springs Charity Ride. It shows more of the roads on the 33 miler along with some of the “hazards”. The roads are great out there so by hazards, I mean some of the challenges you’ll see.

I’ll be getting some video of the 68 miler soon so stay tuned. Also, we will put together a 45 miler for those of us that want something in the middle.

One last thing, as I said before, this actually started in Stockdale but the park we used may not be open early enough. It doesn’t effect race day but for those wanting to ride it on their own, be aware. We are looking for other start points.

Sutherland Springs Charity Ride

^Sutherland Springs Charity Ride from James . Strava map.

Sunday November 26 was the Sutherland Springs Charity Ride. I put together this video to show the area where we rode. The roads were great and it was for a great cause. There were three routes, a 15, 35 and a 68 miler. It’s an area we definitely want to go back to so I’ve been studying  the maps. We will add 5 miles to the 15 and make it 20. We will keep the 35 and the 68 as they are. The 68 can be cut to 48 and capture the portion not ridden in the 35. All we need is a good starting point. The place where the Charity ride started was good but it is not open early enough for us to use. The park has another entrance and there are some other possibilities near by. Stay tuned.

As far as the Charity ride was concerned, it was great! The crowd was a good size and the routes were well marked. Even then, I wasn’t paying attention and missed a turn. No big deal, I had my handy, dandy high tech map that I drew free-hand with me so I got back on course. I hate that it cost me 6 minutes when I was trying to catch Steve and Sean and it ruined my average speed since I stopped to read the map, but who’s counting?

I did have fun, though. I made a new friend named Steve. Seems he and I battled back and forth for miles during the ride. I would pass him on the climbs and he would pass me going down hill. We were both bound and determined not to give an inch. I caught him on video several times and I have another hour of video to go through so I’m sure I caught him again if my battery was still good. We will see if he turns up in part two. Stay tuned!

More videos from that area:

Sutherland Springs Gravel

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