So what is this blog about? It started out being a place to collect my cycling videos to share with my friends. Over time though, I started using it to show people where to ride. If someone wants to know what an area is like I can show them with more than just a picture. With the link to Strava they can also see the map of the ride and how much climbing there is.

The video will show you some of the good places to ride around San Antonio. We have a great cycling community here and there are clubs and shops that do lots of work to maintain trails, support charity rides and help people to get started in the sport. That’s the good thing about San Antonio, there are plenty of great people here.

If you don’t know where to start, my friend Ryan has a site that lists some of the local rides each week. Just go to his site at bike210.com and you can see what’s happening on a daily basis.

I’ve taken some “artistic liberty” on occasion but it’s mainly for my own entertainment. Don’t let it distract you. The videos and map should show you what the roads and rides are like. If they make you smile, don’t be shy,  click the “like” button.  If you just snorted, grunted, or huffed, click “like” anyway. It will make me smile, and many thanks for that.

If you’re into gravel, check out our Group Page at San Antonio Gravel Grinders .

Before you go, scroll down some more and check out the picture of the me leading my first bike ride. Notice I cut out my competition….

Now go find yourself a place to ride!