River Road

^Slow and Easy from James . Strava map. Part 1 here.

A friend asked me about River Road. This video shows what it’s like  on the road during the winter. It was a warm day in February when we did this ride. As I’ve said before, you really can’t ride it in the summer unless you like traffic.

You can see Part 1 here. It shows the drop in to the part of the road that runs parallel to the river. It’s a very nice road with short shallow rollers. If you do only  River Road to the gas station it’s 30 miles round trip with 1,200 feet of climbing. More or less Tempo Monster territory.  The only real climbing is the drop in portion when you come back.

On this particular ride we did 2 steep climbs and the next 2 videos with show you those. Stay tuned.

Part 1 here. Go there for a list of all 5 parts.

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