Battle at Bear Creek

^Battle at Bear Creek from James .

Great ride with the 700c Club. Nice day and a really good area to ride. It was mostly rollers but we did go to Bear Creek and Skyline so it was nice. This video will show you the climb at Bear Creek.

Strava Map here.

I am currently going through all the video from this ride so stay tuned for Skyline too. I also have video of the River Road segment which you can do for an out and back. There is a gas station at Sattler which is 15 miles so you can do just the river ride if you want. The start is in Gruene.

Part 1 here. Go here to see a list of all 5 parts.

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3 thoughts on “Battle at Bear Creek”

  1. It’s a nice ride and River Road is good most of the year. It’s not good in the summer due to the amount of traffic from people enjoying the swimming and tubing. We park at Gruene Hall. Plenty of parking and nice little tourist area. Click on the Where’s the Ride? in the menu and you can check out for local rides. There may be one in the area on the day you come!

    1. Hey Andy, I just posted a video called River Road that shows the first portion of the ride by the river. I’ll post Skyline Sham next and you can see the other nice climb.

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