Blanco Chase

^The Blanco Chase from James . Strava Map.

This is another video of one of the Cyclones north side rides. It was 32 miles with about 938 ft of climbing. Most of the climbing is at the very beginning and at the end. Nothing double digit, just rollers. There are however several double digit “stingers” that can be added with The Three Cats, Silent Horror and the Johnny Loop to name a few. For example if you added all three of those it only adds 13 miles and gets you 1700 ft of climbing. Nice!

Part one, The 14 MPH Ride, is here.

Part two, “On Your Left”,  is here.

This video is of the end of the Fourteen MPH Ride. It’s southbound toward 1604. If you start at the doughnut shop on Wilderness Oaks then you can enjoy 2 very nice segments on your way home. You can do both whether you start at Specht Road or Ammenn Road.  The hills on This Is It are the last climbs you hit and when you do the last one it’s down hill on Final Countdown.

One thing I really like is that Blanco Road has no streets coming from the right on these two sections. It also has a nice shoulder and good visibility. So the next time you’re there, have a go at it. Maybe you’ll get yourself a new PR.

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