Edge Falls Road

^On the Edge from James on Vimeo.

This video shows part of Edge Falls Road on our way to Kendalia. It was a ride I did with the Cyclones that was 57 miles of mostly rollers with 2300 feet of climbing. Most of the roads are low traffic and the busy roads we go on have good shoulders.

Click on Strava to see a map of the ride.

The ride starts at Bullis County Park. There are three good recovery stops on the ride. The first one is in Bergheim at mile 14 at the corner of 46 and FM 3351 at the gas station. The next one is in Kendalia at mile 27. Take a left on 473 and there is a store about .2 of a mile up the road. The last one is at mile 51 at a small gas station where Bulverde Road meets Bulverde Lane. If you prefer, you can stop at the park on Bulverde Lane about half a mile further.

It’s a great ride with plenty of fun rollers. And before I forget, there are several “stingers” that can be added on to bring the milage up to 65 miles and added another 1000 ft of climbing. But that’s for another time.


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