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^Runaway Train from James on Vimeo.

Recently I was asked to step in and lead a ride for someone that couldn’t make it due to an injury. I was starting at a different location so my friend The Pit Bull started the group and I dropped in a couple of miles into the ride. As usual, it broke up into two group with me taking the front and Ken working the second group. After our first stop to regroup, we took off and one of our riders missed a turn. I thought I would have to chase him down, which happens sometimes, but lucky for me, he heard our shouts and turned around. In the meantime, I made sure the others made the turn until Ken’s group came up. Now however, the first guys had a lead and didn’t know where the next turn was. It was now my job to try and catch them to show them the turn. Turns out, the chase was the best part of the ride. Check out the chase video above.

Click on Strava for the map.

If you have ever led a ride, you know you can’t be everywhere at once. You want to show everyone the way and at the same time watch out for the people who are having a bad day and falling behind. So, for those of you that pitch in and help, many thanks. And my thanks go out to those that are hammering at the front, too. After all, some in the group will be feeling great that day and they deserve company while having fun. It’s all about pitching in somewhere, at one time or another,  watching out for each other, being there if needed, because if you think about it, we’re all out there just trying to enjoy another day in paradise.

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