So Where’s the Warm Up?


^The Terminator from James . Part two here.

Have you ever been on one of those rides where everyone forgets to warm up? Whoever is up front just starts out hard and the rest of us, like sheep, just follow along. That’s what this ride was. Lucky for us, it’s mostly flat with some shallow rollers. The route is called the Wild Dogs Ride but, lucky for us, the wild dogs are gone. Unless they mean we are the wild dogs?

Click here for the Strava map.

The ride was with a local club called 700c. They have some great people and great routes including some that go on the Greenways. The ride leaders warm up but there are always hammer heads in every group that just take off and pay for it later. I’m glad I’m not one of those! Unfortunately, I happen to be one of those sheep that jumps off the cliff with them…..

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2 thoughts on “So Where’s the Warm Up?”

  1. If we show up early for the ride, we can take a minute to warm up. Chuckle…

    We ride at 6 on Tuesday evenings and a few friends and I do a slow 7 mile warmup before the start. ?

    1. You lucky dog. One full minute to warm up. 🙂 I look around as I get ready. If I see certain faces I just admit I’ll have to warm up after the ride….

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