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If you’re a cyclist you probably realize you’re a heart/lung machine. Runners and swimmers are too. And of course, there are those crazy people that do all three sports who are too, maybe more so.  I’ve got to say, it is so much fun to build and  drive these machines.

I see it like this- we are the engine. We work on it and build it to perform in different ways just like you would a car engine and just like a car, we have strengths and weaknesses and other design limitations. Some are due to genetics and others to desire. Some, I’m sure, are due to discipline.

The video below is of me and a friend driving our machines at the end of our 20 miler at MacAllister park. It’s on a fun Strava segment called Lungs. The link below will take you to the map of the ride.

Strava map.

This was a fun day. The engine was running good. It’s a little old and has lots of miles on it, some of them pretty hard, but we won’t get into that. I may have been at my skill limit but it was still enough to maintain a fun pace.  I went as fast as I wanted, or as fast as my skill would allow, without having to worry about getting a ticket. Or getting my car impounded! Or having my insurance rates sky rocket! Sorry, getting off subject here. (deep breath, serenity now, serenity now)

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say with all this ruminating is that I think fitness is fun. It’s not just for health reasons. Sure it’s good for you, but all things considered, doesn’t it all end up being about the fun you’re having? Isn’t it the best hot rod of all?


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6 thoughts on “Lungs”

  1. 16 mph on that trail alongside the cactus looks like suicide had I been riding. Oh, and Katie IS crazy.

    1. lol You know Sophia, I never even noticed the cactus until one of my friends from Michigan mentioned it to me on a ride. After that, I looked a little closer and noticed that, really, I wouldn’t want to go off the trail. It’s COVERED with cactus. I guess I’ll speed up so I can get through the danger quicker….. 🙂

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