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^Sharing a Forty from James on Vimeo.

My friend Jack and I sometimes lead rides out in the Texas hill country. There are plenty of great roads around San Antonio to use for training and getting ready for all of the organized group rides that we have here.  Recently, many of our friends were getting ready to ride the Tour de Gruene so we decided to have a ride on a section that had some unknown climbs. We don’t have any mountains here so we knew they were all rollers, but if people were training in the flats the hills could come as a hard surprise. Especially for those doing the longer rides. The short video below shows just one of the many reasons to go on a ride with plenty of climbing.

Strava map.

Yes sir, those down hills can be fun. Maybe not as fun as the climbing, but still fun. We had quite a few of those on the ride. Most of them were easy to enjoy because the road and the view were good, making you feel more comfortable. I think on this ride I hit 40 at least three times. It’s too bad I can’t have a camera everywhere because I know I wasn’t the only one enjoying the speed rush. For those that had the strength and gearing, I’m sure 50 was there for them.

At the end Bill, Joe and I added a few hill repeats just for the fun it. Maybe next time we can do the whole route. After all, it’s almost time for the Tour de Grune again.


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