Madrone-With a Rock or Two


^Madrone- With a Rock or Two from James on Vimeo.

As I’ve said before, we have some great places to ride in San Antonio. Lately I’ve been riding with the Trail Ninjas and they took me to the Madrone trail in Canyon Lake. I’ve never ridden there mainly because everyone said it was a hard trail. Come to find out, it was. But there was plenty that I could ride.

Strava map.

My tour guides knew the trail well and sized me up accurately enough. They know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but they could warn me of what was coming up and give me some pointers. After all, I’m 441 years old in dog years. Too old to learn anything new but still with enough skills left to enjoy the trails. Plus I could watch them and enjoy some of it vicariously. It turned out to be a blast!

If you could only use one word to describe the trail it would be “rocky”. If you could use two, it would be “rocky as hell”. Ok, that’s three words but you get the picture. It also has plenty of short climbs. We got about 550 ft in 8 miles. Not bad for the area.

I’ve got a couple of hours of video to go through so I’ll show some more of the trail soon. You can see the map of the ride with stats on Strava and a short video with the link above. I’ll definitely be going back. I think there might be a rocky section we missed.

More Madrone- Oh Fudge




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