Rocky Raccoon


^Rocky Raccoon from James on Vimeo.

If you’ve read any of my other posts you know how I feel about Strava. I love it. It’s fun to go back and see my times on different segments, especially when I have a matching video! The video below is  of a segment called Rocky Raccoon. Click the Strava  link below to see the stats.

See Strava for map.

The segment is short, flat and very rocky. Now, you know that every segment has an optimum speed. I’m not talking about max speed, I’m talking about an efficient speed. One that doesn’t waste energy. The speed you would use if you were doing this segment in the middle of your 50 mile bike ride. That speed depends on your skill, fitness level at the time and the type of bike you’re riding. Obviously, it’s different for a full suspension bike as opposed to a rigid bike. Having said that, who wants to see efficiency?

I never know what’s going to happen during the ride. Luckily, I had the camera on when my friend dropped the  hammer. The video has nothing to do with finding an efficient pace. We just threw caution to the wind and tried to jump on his wheel. We’re not pros or world class athletes. We’re just average Joes having a great day. We had to save some energy since the goal was 25 miles but hey, we’ve all blown up before, right? If you’re not barely dragging your butt home every once in a while you’re just not visiting paradise.



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4 thoughts on “Rocky Raccoon”

  1. Don’t think I’ ever heard James say, “Let’s keep it easy for a minute,” before. Many others have said that to him on road rides however. As someone who has followed many a dualie on that trail on a hard tail I can attest that you really have to ‘float’ in the saddle and be very aggressive to not loose time there. Nice video!!

    1. Hey thanks and yeah, float is the key word. And about keeping it easy, remember, I’m old school carburetion and these guys are all twin turbo!

    1. I’ve got a GoPro chest mount but the camera is a Garmin Ultra 30. I tried the handle bar mount but it was not stable enough with this camera. I’m waiting on a gimbal I ordered and will see if that helps. Any suggestions?

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