Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Ted’s Excellent Adventure from James on Vimeo.

The other day I was looking through the Facebook page of a group I belong to and noticed a new member who had just moved to Texas. He was asking if anyone could recommend some local trails. We’re pretty lucky here in this part of Texas as there are plenty of places to ride. I told him I could show him McAllister Park the next day and had several other members willing to help out. It looked like the weather was going to be perfect.

Strava map.

The day did not disappoint. It was sunny and cool, the trails were in great shape and everyone was fit and ready to rock. We ended up showing him 20 miles worth of Mac. Judging from his smile, I think we did ok.

I like playing Ambassador. It’s a good way to pay it forward. So many people have  helped me that I can’t even count them. Not to mention the fact that it allows me to appreciate what we have. It’s like watching a cartoon with kids. You see it through their eyes and you enjoy it more. The day we rode I saw how lucky we are to have the trails we have and to have a group like Storm to fight to keep those trails. My thanks go out to Ted and the others that went. They helped me enjoy another day in paradise.


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4 thoughts on “Ted’s Excellent Adventure”

  1. James….thanks for arranging this ride! I haven’t been on my mt bike much and this was niiiiice!! I liked feeling that adrenaline rush again as I launched off some of those big drops! Felt like a kid again!


    1. It seems I can never get you in a video. When the camera is on the seat post, you pass me and you’re gone. When the camera is on the front, you drop me and you’re gone. You were like a little kid….with too much sugar. 🙂

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