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Camera Test Comparison from James on Vimeo.

I am using this blog to post my cycling videos but here I am again posting another video with no bikes! The reason is that I’m paranoid I’m going to lose something since I don’t have the hang of this yet. Time will make it easier, I know.  This is one more for me to practice on.

I have been asked several times what camera I’m using. My first video camera was the Garmin Verb Elite that I got back in 2014. It was originally attached to my seat post for a rear view but now that I have a new camera, it is on the front. The new one, a Garmin Verb Ultra 30 is now on the rear.

This video is a test of the stabilization of the two cameras. When I stand up during a climb the bike rocks back and forth. You can see it in the first part of the video with the old camera on the front. The second half of the video shows the new camera. When the bike is moving side to side the camera makes it look like the rear wheel is moving side to side instead and the picture is much more stable. Pretty cool! Just so you know, the camera and editor have many functions available, none of which I understand yet. I guess the challenge will be to see if an old dog can be taught new tricks. And in dog years I’m 441 years old. So give me a break…..


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